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More on the AIG Bonuses

Posted in Contracts
The furor over the AIG retention payments (a/k/a bonuses) has died down somewhat, perhaps because most of the executives involved have agreed to refund the bonuses, and perhaps because President Obama was less than enthusiastic in his support for the legislation passed by the House of Representatives that would impose a Continue Reading

Can the Government Recover the AIG Bonuses?

Posted in Government
The political issue dominating news coverage is the payment of $165 million in bonuses to AIG employees, some of whom no longer work for company.  Apparently, because the bonuses have been distributed, AIG cannot withhold the money and force its disgruntled employees to sue to obtain the bonuses.  So now, talk has Continue Reading

Court OKs Video Lottery Advertising, But Member Association Says No

Posted in Government
    Last month, United States District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin found that the West Virginia Lottery Commission’s prohibition of certain words that video lottery operators could use in advertising their machines was an impermissible infringement on the operators’ commercial free speech.  Words such as “casino,” “jackpot,” and “Vegas” have been banned Continue Reading