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Kentucky Appellate Court Reverses Summary Judgment Against Fen-Phen Lawyers Based on (Disavowed) Affidavit from Kenneth Feinberg

Posted in Appellate Decisions
In the course of writing about Stan Chesley’s travails, I was curious to find out what happened in the case described in the final paragraph of the National Law Journal’s story about Chesley: Earlier this month, the Kentucky Court of Appeals vacated a $42 million summary judgment Continue Reading

WV Class Action Complaint Against LifeLock Alleges Fraudulent Advertising, Deceptive Business Practices

Posted in Class Actions
    You may have seen the print ads or TV commercials for LifeLock, Inc., which feature its president, Todd Davis, disclosing his Social Security number and guaranteeing its security, and offering a $1 million service guarantee if a subscriber’s identity is stolen or compromised.  But according to a lawsuit filed Continue Reading