In my post from a couple of weeks ago about the implementation of the Revised Rules of Appellate Procedure at the Supreme Court of Appeals, I neglected to mention a couple of other changes.

First, you’ll see on the calendar that in addition to the links for argument dockets, there are now links to Order Lists, which are released at various times during the month. Here is the Order List from January 14, which indicates the Court’s rulings on petitions for rehearing, motions for argument in Rule 19 and 20 appeals, and other orders of note. The order may indicate the vote, if one was taken, and a summary of the Court’s action, if appropriate.

Also, on the main Opinions page of the Court’s website, in addition to the link to Current Term Opinions, there are now separate links to Orders (the Order Lists described above) and Memorandum Decisions.

Also, in what could be a significant decision regarding the interpretation and enforcement of arbitration provisions — especially for health care providers — I note that on the argument docket from January 19, the Court consolidated for argument under Rule 20 three proceedings (two separate appeals and a certified question) involving circuit court rulings that enforced arbitration provisions and dismissed the plaintiffs’ complaints against nursing homes and/or nursing home operators.