The panel appointed by West Virginia University Provost Gerald Lang to investigate the circumstances surrounding Mylan COO Heather Bresch’s MBA has concluded unanimously that Bresch did not earn her degree and that actions taken by WVU administrators to determine whether she had done so and then to modify her transcript were “seriously flawed and reflected poor judgment.”   Here is the panel’s 95 page report, which was released on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, I wrote about a lawsuit filed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette against WVU to compel its compliance with the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act regarding requests made by the Post-Gazette for certain records pertaining to the Bresch affair.  Those records could be particularly embarrassing (or worse) to WVU, in view of the panel’s conclusions.

    The media coverage of the report’s conclusions has been extremely critical of WVU and its leadership (that word should be in quotation marks).  Len Boselovic and Patricia Sabatini, who have been on top of the story for the Post-Gazette, have this article in today’s edition.  Also, on the Post-Gazette’s website, there is a link to the press conference held by WVU administrators on Wednesday to discuss the report. 

    Here are Ian Urbina’s article in today’s The New York Times and the Associated Press story by Vicki Smith that appeared yesterday.  Also, Ed Silverman, who writes the Pharmalot blog, posted about the story yesterday (as an aside, the frequency of his posts, given their subject matter, is pretty impressive). 

    Because Bresch’s position as Mylan COO does not require an MBA, her job is not in jeopardy.  But there is speculation that the SEC may take action against Mylan on the grounds that Bresch misrepresented her credentials.